More than half of Americans say abortion should be legal in all, most cases | The Numbers Racket

BY: - June 6, 2022

A majority of men (58 percent) and women (63 percent) said abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

Philly’s economy is rebounding from pandemic, but challenges remain, Pew analysis finds

BY: - April 24, 2022

The 2022 State of Philadelphia report focused on three main areas including public health, public safety and jobs and the economy.

New Pew poll shows 30% increase in Philly residents concerned about crime

BY: - April 10, 2022

The poll found that 70% of the city’s residents think crime, drugs and public safety are the biggest issues facing the city

A majority of Americans haven’t heard about redistricting in their state | The Numbers Racket

BY: - March 7, 2022

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that 85 percent of Americans said they have heard a little or nothing at all about legislative redistricting in their state.

The partisan divide over voting rights, by the numbers | The Numbers Racket

BY: - November 1, 2021

While more than half (57 percent) of Americans said voting was “a fundamental right for every adult U.S. citizen and should not be restricted in any way,” 42 percent said “voting is a privilege that comes with responsibilities and can be limited if adult U.S. citizens don’t meet some requirements.”


Report finds nearly half of Americans get their news from social media | The Numbers Racket

BY: - October 25, 2021

The majority (60 percent) of white adults said they regularly received their news from Facebook, compared with Black and Hispanic adults, who said they regularly (21 percent and 37 percent respectively) got their news from Snapchat. 

Study finds age, religion, politics impact LGBTQ acceptance

BY: - December 22, 2020

By Michele Zipkin While many societies and governments around the world have learned to accept LGBTQ+ communities, many others condemn homosexuality and deem homosexual behavior illegal. And while same-sex marriage and inclusive antidiscrimination laws are in place in some parts of the world, many LGBTQ+ rights are still absent or under attack in many more […]

Testing our national census knowledge | The Numbers Racket

BY: - March 16, 2020

In an effort to understand Americans’ census knowledge and participation methods, the Pew Research Center compiled the following data.