Digital equity depends on high-speed internet infrastructure improvements | Opinion

BY: - November 3, 2022

Remote learning, tele-health, and the delivery of news are at stake

Dire predictions follow Pa. Supreme Court’s loosening of medical malpractice filing rules

BY: - October 20, 2022

(*This article was updated at 10:32 a.m., Thursday, 10/20/2022, to correct a spelling error and add the effective date of the rule change.) Echoes of a debate more than two decades old are ringing out in the Pennsylvania Capitol over the rights of patients to sue for medical malpractice and the effects of such litigation […]


Medical debt is crushing hardworking American families | Opinion

BY: - October 19, 2022

A call during Health Literacy Month to address a worsening crisis.

Direct service providers rally for more money in the 2022-23 state budget at the Pennsylvania state Capitol on May 24, 2022 in Harrisburg, Pa (Photo by Amanda Berg, for the Capital-Star).

Autism legislation before Pa. Senate offers false promise to families

BY: - October 18, 2022

The bill will impede access for individuals in need of ABA support. 


Obamacare ‘Family Glitch’ fix will allow about 180k Pennsylvanians to buy coverage, advocates say

BY: - October 13, 2022

The Biden administration’s move to fix the “family glitch” in the Affordable Care Act, which priced hundreds of thousands of Americans, including many in Pennsylvania, out of health coverage could not have come at a better time, Pennsylvania lawmakers and advocates have said. On Tuesday, the White House finalized a rule addressing a section of […]

New fight opens in Congress over VA policy that sidesteps state abortion bans

BY: - September 11, 2022

Republicans have sharply criticized the VA for changing its longstanding no-abortions policy, with some pledging to keep the status quo.


CHOP moves a center closer to W. Philadelphia community

BY: - September 3, 2022

In July, CHOP announced that it had moved its children and adolescent’s Center for Advanced Behavioral Healthcare to 4601 Market St.


Socioeconomic status should not determine access to health care in America | Opinion

BY: - August 24, 2022

Less access to health care for people of color serves to perpetuate tuberculosis.

State bans on abortion don’t apply to emergency health care, White House reminds providers

BY: - July 12, 2022

'Under the law, no matter where you live, women have the right to emergency care — including abortion care,' a top official said.

Advocates, lawmakers warn of healthcare cost spike without action by Congress

BY: - July 7, 2022

Tax credits that help thousands pay for their insurance are set to expire later this year unless lawmakers act.

‘Our goal is to break down barriers:’ Philly hospital offers trans kids gender-affirming care

BY: - March 20, 2022

'What we really try to do with this program is create a one-stop shop for families’ needs,' Dr. Linda Hawkins, of CHOP, said.


This Black History Month, let’s put the focus on Black health and wellness | Charles D. Allen

BY: - February 17, 2022

Black Americans are twice as likely as whites to not see a doctor for thinking and memory problems. We need to change that.