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May 6, 2019 7:18 am

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe leads an anti-vaccine rally at the Pa. Capitol (Capital-Star photo).

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Pediatricians are getting ‘kickbacks’ from pharmaceutical companies to administer the MMR vaccine to Pennsylvania children, even as their practices discriminate against parents who decline to get their kids vaccinated, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, has told a Pittsburgh radio station.

Metcalfe, R-Butler, didn’t offer any evidence to buttress that claim, made in a Friday radio interview with KDKA-AM hosts Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell. It came as America contends with its worst measles outbreak in 25 years.

A bit of context: Metcalfe is sponsoring legislation that would prohibit “discrimination” or “harassment” by health care providers or insurance companies against parents who decline to vaccinate their children. The bill also prevents doctors from making these parents sign a liability waiver acknowledging that the child could either catch or spread an illness.

He rolled the bill out at a Capitol press conference last week, where he was surrounded by parents (and their presumably unvaccinated) children, as well as some vaccine skeptical academics.

Metcalfe told Griffin and Bell (whose husband is a physician) that children were wrongly being denied care for refusing to comply with the vaccination schedule for measles, mumps and rubella.

“Some practices are kicking patients right out of the practice, if they’re not going to comply with what they’re pushing,” Metcalfe claimed.

When Griffin told him that he’d been told by experts from the Allegheny County Health Department, and elsewhere, that his bill could “jeopardize the lives of children,” Metcalferesponded, “Well, that’s nonsense.”

And then this:

” … From my understanding many of them are getting kickbacks based on the children that … are being served [in] their practice; that they are getting kickbacks, you have pressure [from] the pharmaceutical company,” Metcalfe told Griffin and Bell.

Asked to back up his claim that doctors were getting “kickbacks,” Metcalfe declined to get into specifics, saying only that, “There’s … proof out there. I’ve got some … I’ve got folks that have been working on this issue for for a long time. I mean, there’s there’s been, I mean, nobody’s denied that it’s happening.”

Griffin countered, “Surely, the [Centers for Disease Control] does. The Allegheny County Health Department does. And UPMC physicians do, so there’s three groups.” Referring to BellGriffin added, “And her husband is a highly regarded physician. He does too. So there you have four. So we have names and entities and we’re not trying to bully here. But I like to deal in fact.”

Metcalfe parried: “Here’s the issue. Right now, you have children that are not being served by pediatric practices that are being kicked out of pediatric practices because their parents are making a choice that is legal under the law. Because in Pennsylvania, we allow for parents to decide based on religious, philosophic, or even to get medical exemptions from vaccines. Because vaccines can harm people at times depending on who the person is; what their their own genetic makeup might be, and what the history of their family might be. They might decide to get even a medical exemption. But, right now, when you’re not going to stick with the vaccine schedule, you’re being refused care — by pediatric practice after pediatric practice across the state of Pennsylvania.”

Asked whether he thought the MMR vaccine was safe, Metcalfe dodged, delving instead into a 2015 whistleblower lawsuit filed against the pharmaceutical giant, Merck, alleging that the company knew its vaccine wasn’t as effective as advertised.

“There’s been fraud, alleged by whistleblowers working for Merck, that they actually spiked the testing samples with rabbit blood,” Metcalfe said

Bell jumped in, saying, “The thing [that] is scary for me is that we had eradicated measles in 1994, I mean, that’s our lifetimes. That’s just before my oldest son was born. This is a tragic step back. Don’t you agree?”

Getting in the last word – which is what radio hosts tend to do – Griffin closed by saying, “I suggest folks listen to their doctor, and not you.”

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