Tim Hartman


How to tell you’ve been living in Pa. for too long | Editorial Cartoon

By: - November 9, 2019

It's already snowed in some parts of Pa. And with it, an annual worry has taken hold. See if this sounds familiar to you.


The Pittsburgh sinkhole’s other victim | Editorial Cartoon

By: - November 2, 2019

This week, a judge thwarted Pittsburgh's gun control efforts, which were adopted in response to the Oct. 2018 murders at Tree of Life synagogue.


How campaign finance reform *actually* works in Harrisburg | Editorial Cartoon

By: - October 26, 2019

Published reports this week yielded some blockbuster revelations about the unorthodox ways that Pa. elected officials spend campaign money.


Pa. fixed your robocall problem. This is a recording | Editorial Cartoon

By: - October 19, 2019

A new state law is supposed to clamp down on robocalls. We'll see how that long that one lasts.


We found the one thing heavier than the average college student’s backpack | Editorial Cartoon

By: - October 12, 2019

Just a guess - but this might be a big contributor to declining enrollment at Pa. State System universities.


Weed in state stores? What could possibly go wrong? | Editorial Cartoon

By: - October 5, 2019

A Democratic state lawmaker from Delaware County wants to legalize recreational marijuana and sell it through Pennsylvania's more than 600 state stores


The Pa. Liquor Control Board has some transparency problems | Editorial Cartoon

By: - September 28, 2019

A Cambria County lawmaker is suing the Pa. Liquor Control over lack of access to information on the availability of liquor licenses


State lawmaker? Nice work if you can get it | Editorial Cartoon

By: - September 21, 2019

Pennsylvania's Legislature, one of the nation's largest, and best-paid, is doing less actual lawmaking, a published report found this week


That vaping? It’ll kill ya | Editorial Cartoon

By: - September 14, 2019

After a series of mysterious deaths, the federal government announced this week that it was moving to ban flavorings for eCigarettes.


How (not) to take the politics out of redistricting | Editorial Cartoon

By: - September 7, 2019

A Wolf administration's commission returned its recommendations to improve legislative and congressional redistricting. How much has changed?


It’s time to settle that school lunch debt | Editorial Cartoon

By: - August 31, 2019

School districts are turning to collection agencies. Nope - no such thing as a free lunch.


So that’s what it takes to get a little property tax relief | Editorial Cartoon

By: - August 24, 2019

Spoiler: It's going to require a road trip unless, or until, the Legislature finally acts.