Abraham Kenmore

Abraham Kenmore

Abraham Kenmore is a reporter covering elections, health care and more. He joins the SC Daily Gazette from The Augusta Chronicle, where he reported on Georgia legislators, military and housing issues.

Trump triumphs over Haley in South Carolina GOP primary

By: and - February 24, 2024

Trump was on stage for about 30 minutes and stuck to his usual talking points — the situation on the border is “the worst it’s ever been” and the country “is a failing nation.” He predicted that Michigan autoworkers would support him in that state’s primary on Tuesday.

Trump touts defeating immigration deal, says America has fallen into ‘cesspool of ruin’

By: - February 11, 2024

The rally brought out far more people than could fit in Coastal Carolina’s recreation center, which can accommodate 3,600, according to the university’s website.

President Biden easily wins South Carolina’s ‘first-in-the-nation’ Democratic primary

By: - February 4, 2024

The result of Democrats’ “first-in-the-nation” presidential primary was never in doubt, with Biden running against two extreme-long-shot candidates.

VP Kamala Harris tells SC voters at AME retreat they need to organize to elect Biden again

By: - January 7, 2024

Alluding to South Carolina voters catapulting Joe Biden’s bid for the White House four years ago, Harris asked the audience mostly of Black women to help make sure he gets a second term.